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  • The Importance of Trade Show Graphics

    Trade Show GraphicsLike selecting the right trade show display booth, the trade show graphics that you incorporate to your showcase, will go a long way in reaching the right audience base. At a trade show, so many businesses are trying to vie for the consumers' attention. By introducing new products, showcasing their new business, or simply trying to show consumers why they should purchase from their booth and business, as opposed to the competition. With the right graphics display in place, you will not only intrigue visitors of the trade show, but also keep them interested when they visit your booth.

    Bright lights - Flashing lights, bright neon signs, flashing signs, are all great ways to incorporate trade show graphics to your booth at a trade show. If visitors can see this the minute they enter the trade show venue, they are going to make it a point to visit your booth. Especially when other trade show booths simply have a table, and paper display board showcasing the products, your graphics are going to stand out, and draw in the visitor, at the show.

    Projection screens - Having a large projection screen behind your booth, with trade show graphics, is also a simple solution to get people to notice your booth and product. If you have film playing, if you showcase a new product on the projector, and if consumers can see how your product outperforms that of the competitions, they will visit your booth, and want to learn more about the product and your company.

    Fabric graphics - These brightly colored, large fabric banners, will also stand out in a trade show event. They can depict the company name, fun color designs, the products you are introducing, and other distinct pieces of information, to call out to visitors. The large size, and colorful display, is something that will catch the consumers' eye, especially if a nearby booth does not have anything colorful, or other graphics up, at their booth.

    Pop up trade booth graphics - These are large, colorful graphics, which can display a number of things. You can have characters on the graphic, to introduce the product. If you are introducing a new service, you can list out the benefits of the service, and lay out information for the consumer to read. These displays are informative, yet they are delivered in a fun, colorful, and easy to understand manner. No technical language, and easy to read displays, will draw visitors in to your booth. And, with the information clearly laid out, the visitor can easily understand the product, and what benefits and features it provides.

    Due to the fact that most trade shows are held in large halls, and several companies are present, as a business owner, you have to do something that will stand out. With the right booth, and trade show graphics displays, you will stand out. Not only will consumers see you from a distance, they will also visit your booth, as opposed to the competitors, since it provides clear and concise information, and lays out the information about new products or services, in a fun, easy to understand manner.

  • Trade Show Displays as a Marketing Tool

    Trade Show Displays as a Marketing ToolIn today's modern world, it is critical for entrepreneurs to ensure that they make the most of their marketing dollars. Setting up trade show displays is one way to accomplish this goal. Business owners should keep in mind that the trade show season is right around the corner, and this venue provides an ideal way for a company or individual to show off goods and services to potential clients. Those considering using such displays should keep the following in mind:

    Budget Considerations

    There are various trade show displays from which one can choose and it is wise to comparison shop before making a final decision. The size and quality of the trade show display, as well as any included accessories, are factors that will affect its price. Displays of this type can be rented or purchased; however, if the exhibitor participates in multiple events, he or she will most likely find that buying a display is the wisest choice.


    There are several types of displays available, including wall-mounted, tabletop, modular, and pop-up display models. Tabletop cloth displays are easy to set up and dismantle, as well as being highly cost-effective for small businesses and those working with a strict budget. A vendor can select from a vast array of fabrics on which his or her company's name or logo can be printed, or any additional graphics he or she desires.

    Pop-up displays typically feature aluminum or synthetic frames that support fabric which can be rolled up after the event for easy storage. These displays provide an effective way to catch the eye of potential clients and are also an attractive way to cover unused floor space. If the exhibitor's booth is located against a wall or features access to ceiling fixtures, wall mounted displays are probably the best choice.

    Modular displays are also an option that may appeal to many entrepreneurs. Such models allow business owners to add or remove each accessory quickly and easily. For instance, an exhibitor may decide to emphasize various products through the use of shelves at one show and then utilize video set up demonstrations at another. With a modular system, the business owner can customize the display for the targeted audience at each specific event or exhibit.

    Set-Up and Dismantling

    Assembling and dismantling most display panels is not usually difficult, making them a perfect choice for exhibitors who have limited help at the trade shows or events they attend. Many displays can be rolled up and tied onto a lightweight frame, while other models can be assembled and dismantled through the use of a few simple snaps. In addition, care must be taken to protect fabric panels from damage and wear.

    Using trade show displays at an exhibition or event is an effective way for a vendor to set his or her booth apart from the competition. Such displays are a good way to advertise services or products. Ultimately, when such tools are used, companies and business owners can get the most for their advertising dollars.

  • Island Trade Show Displays: The Top Choice for Maximum Exposure

    Island Trade Show DisplayTrade shows can provide your business with a significant amount of marketing opportunities, offering the potential to both increase your brand exposure and boost sales within a short period of time. In light of the potential impact of these types of events, it is important to do whatever is necessary to make the experience as productive as possible. One of the most important steps you can take to ensure a successful event is to choose a trade show display that will properly represent your brand by establishing a powerful and memorable visual presence. If you want your company to pack an aesthetic punch at your next event, a 20' x 20' island trade show display will definitely get the job done.

    One of the primary benefits of choosing an island display is the fact that it provides you with 360-degree visibility. This type of open layout visually communicates the message that your business is welcoming and approachable. Island displays also occupy a significant amount of floor space, giving you a competitive advantage as far as your physical presence is concerned. When it comes to the logistics of foot traffic, island displays are simply more efficient, as they give your visitors and potential prospects more room to work with and less congestion in key areas. Island displays also offer a wider variety of design options than traditional alternatives; you can arrange the setup in a number of different configurations, and you can implement various types of columns and counters in order to accommodate virtually any type of trade show booth size.

    The multiple layout options available through island displays can enable you to customize your space with customer-friendly features such as casual seating areas and even private conference rooms (depending upon the size). You can utilize kiosks with flat screen displays in order to add an entertaining or interactive element to your presence on the floor. The various components that comprise your overall display can draw people inside and greatly increase the likelihood of generating solid, qualified leads for your business. The right island display layout will maximize both visual appeal and practical functionality, both of which will set your exhibit apart from your competitors.

    Although many business owners are well aware of the potential benefits of utilizing an island display, budgetary constraints prevent them from being able to purchase one. Cost-effectiveness is a factor that definitely cannot be ignored, as the average 20' x 20' island display usually costs about $20,000. The good news is that World Class Graphics & Displays is currently offering an effective yet affordable island trade show display solution for only $5990. World Class Graphics & Displays specializes in providing customized trade show display solutions that represent not only the design and functionality specifications you request, but also the essence of your brand as well. Their 20' x 20' island displays fit a wide variety of exhibiting needs while maintaining an emphasis on strong visual impact and optimal usability. So if you want to steal the show at your next major event, choose a 20' x 20' island display from World Class Graphics & Displays. You will not only be able to greatly enhance your experience at the event itself, but you can also position yourself to receive a tremendous boost in leads and sales after the event is over.

  • Pillowcase Smart Alternative to Trade Show Pop Up Displays

    Pop Up Display ReplacementThe first quarter of the New Year is widely known to be "trade show season", and the average business looking to expand its reach and gain new clients typically utilizes an eye-catching trade show pop up display in order to stand out from the crowd. Now more than ever, businesses have access to a wide variety of trade show displays, most of which carry a strong visual appeal and are relatively easy to set up. While most of these displays are fairly durable, the wear-and-tear of frequent setup, breakdown and transportation activity can take a toll on the look and functionality of your display after a period of time. If you are a regular participant in trade shows and your pop up display is beginning to look a little "battered and bruised", it may be time to consider replacing it with a display that has a sturdier design and more up-to-date features.

    One of the most innovative breakthroughs in trade show display design has been the recent advent of tension fabric trade show displays, which utilize a cutting-edge printing process known as dye sublimation. With a tension fabric display, the design of your choice is printed onto a special type of polyester fabric, which can then be stretched over a frame in order to create the effect of a backdrop or a back wall that mimics the look of most pop up displays, except with increased durability. The fabric can be washed in any regular type of washing machine without fading or damaging the graphics, and it is virtually guaranteed not to wrinkle or deteriorate for the usable life of your overall trade show display. One of the most popular types of tension fabric trade show displays is known as the pillowcase system, which utilizes a lightweight aluminum tube frame that stretches the fabric across a specific amount of floor space, creating a smooth and tight back wall. The intuitive design and simple construction of these systems make them easy to set up, saving exhibitors not only time but money as well on installation and breakdown services.

    Another important benefit of pillowcase trade show displays is that because they are fabric, they occupy a lot less space when shipping. Instead of traditional displays that either have to be rolled up or shipped flat (usually in awkwardly-shaped or oversized shipping containers), tension fabric displays can be tightly folded and shipped in a compact container. This not only reduces the potential of the display being damaged in transit, but it can also save exhibitors potentially thousands of dollars in shipping costs over the life of the display unit. The convenience and portability of pillowcase trade show displays make them one of the most attractive options when choosing to upgrade your current display system.

    Some pillowcase displays offer additional features such as LED lighting fixtures, monitor mounts and curved headers. These added utilities have the potential to make your booth stand out even more on crowded trade show floors. In order to capture the attention of potential clients and business partners, a pillowcase trade show display is clearly one of the premier alternatives to consider when it comes time to upgrade to your next display system.

  • Trade Show Tips from the Experts

    Across the United States there are over 3,000 trade shows taking place this year. With all that exposure comes experience, and over the years some techniques for having an outstanding event work better than others. Here are some trade show tips that will help make your next event engaging, memorable and a huge success.

    One of the most important tips that have a huge impact on the success of your trade show booth is its size. When negotiating the booth location with the shows management team, request that your booth square footage run longer along the aisle than in the depth of the spot. You want as much real estate along the traveled path of the buyers. The number of foot steps it takes a buyer to walk the entire length of your booth can have a huge impact on your bottom line. The longer it takes for a buyer to walk by your exhibit, the better chance you have of getting them interested in your product.

    Now place yourself in the shoes of an attendee. Booths with elaborate popup displays and full color hanging banners are a sure way to attract the eyes of the visitors. If your banners and graphics are full color images that grab the attention of the room, you are sure to bring more people to your area. Eye candy plays a significant role in getting traffic to your booth. You want visitors in that crowded room to do almost a double take when they see your display, drawing them in like bees to honey. Spend a little more on the display banners and you will see a noticeable difference in the amount of foot traffic to your section.

    A great tip for drawing more attention to your trade show booth is to forgo the traditional trade show carpeting that the majority of vendors use. Spend a little extra and use a white Masonite flooring. The white flooring will reflect all of the lighting in the area off the floor and onto your wall mounted products. This gives the appearance of your items actually having spotlights shown on them.

    One trade show tip that takes it lead from the newspaper is the headline. The headline of any major newspaper sells that newspaper. Take your company or product logo and place it high above your booth area. The larger the better, as this instantly creates attention and draws in potential customers to your booth.

    You are representing your product and company, and you should be dressed accordingly. A well dressed representative in a suit or even a tuxedo commands attention and respect.

    Your trade show booth presentation can make or break your event. We already discussed signage and lighting, but here is a tip when it comes to choosing the colors for your booth. You want the colors of your area to go light to dark, from left to right, like you were reading a magazine. The way most people read is left to right, and creating a natural flow of colors is important. You don't want to visually confuse the attendees.

    Finally the background of your booth is key to your products presentation. You want to contrast your coloring and highlight it with the appropriate lighting to draw people to your area. If possible, attach your trade show graphics to colorful foam board. The board will reflect lighting towards the attendees.

    In thinking about your next trade show or event, plan ahead and incorporate a few of these tips to increase visibility and draw more patrons to your products.

  • Benefits of Using Table Throws
    Table Throws

    Struggling to find a way to cover up those ugly trade show tables and making your booth/stall look more personalized? Table throws are one of the most high impact, yet cost effective options when it comes to ideal trade show displays. Basically, these are a great option for people just getting started as they are relatively inexpensive and very effective in customizing any kind of table one may get at a trade show. Some of the most popular table throws are customized for either a 6' or 8' table, also popularly known as "convertible table throws."

    How can table throws be used?

    Table throws are great for trade shows, receptions, corporate events, charity events and are also widely used in shopping centers. There could be no quicker and easier way to completely cover an over-used trade show table, and transform it into your own personal store! These can completely cover a standard folding exhibit table, and customized table throws with company colors and logo is one of the best ways to represent the trade show graphics your company has worked hard for. It offers a two in one solution - covering up a simple table to make it look more polished, professional and business friendly, and also offers great means for branding.

    These covers are simple to use. A large piece of cloth, they can simply be unfolded and used to drape over the table in an innovative way, as per your needs. Most start up businesses choose to print the front with their company logo, which further helps to create a professional presence in the highly visible environment of a trade show. For those who want a form fitting cover, there are many options available that are a mix of different fabrics. These are contoured Stretch-Fit covers that have a snug fit over a standard folding table, covering it from top to the bottom to transform its plain appearance in to something worthy of grabbing attention at a buzzing trade show.

    Table throws: A great way to personalize your trade show booth

    An eye pleasing and economical way to transform unattractive trade show tables, these are a must have for beginners who want to reinstate their presence at local fairs and shows. Along with table covers, table skirts, runners, trade show displays, table top displays, banner stands and literature racks can all together create a more professionally polished look for your next stall, helping you personalize your table with the right trade show graphics.

    There is a lot of variety to choose from in terms of sizes, shapes, prints, fabrics and colors. It is always best to use colors that best represent your business and its philosophy, and to always choose a cover with an optimum sized logo and branding for maximum visibility. While table skirts and table covers will offer a traditional way to cover up trade show display tables, the more versatile convertible table throws offer a more flexible solution to cater to all of your display needs. Strategically used table runners will further give your exhibit a distinctive finishing touch, making it far easier to separate your business from your competitors.

  • Grab Visitor’s Attention at Your Next Trade Show

    HY-1-B Trade Show Exhibit

    Trade show exhibits can be as individual as the company or entrepreneur running them at any given trade show. And while trade shows feature hundreds of exhibits, there are novel ways to make any exhibit stand out from all of the others. Fresh approaches to trade show exhibits are not difficult, but they do require creative thinking, open-mindedness, confidence in the product or service being sold, and perhaps even flair for a bit of drama.

    Table Top Displays

    Neat, organized table top displays such as literature racks not only help a booth look professional but also help promote the business, since visitors can take informational brochures, pamphlets, and flyers with them to help them remember a particular business, product, or service. Table top displays let those running the booth interact with visitors as they stop to view the display and perhaps pick up some literature.

    Trade Show Graphics

    Bold, colorful, eye-catching graphics at a trade show can make any booth pop and stand out from others around it. Trade show graphics featuring striking images and company and business names and logos attract attention and help visitors remember the vendor long after the trade show ends.

    Live Product Demonstrations

    A seller of rugged tablet PCs often throws a tablet into the aisle at trade shows. This technique not only attracts the attention of visitors but also effectively demonstrates the product's attributes at the same time.

    While this type of dramatic product demonstration may not work for or appeal to every trade show exhibitor, the idea of actually demonstrating how a specific product works or highlighting marketable assets that can boost sales is one of the most effective techniques that trade show exhibitors can use. Visitors enjoy and like to see product demonstrations, and this trade show technique is known to boost sales for some exhibitors.

    Live Monitor Feeds

    In today's society, people are accustomed to looking at monitors and screens--computers, televisions, smart phones. A large monitor can and usually does attract many visitors to a trade show exhibit. Companies and entrepreneurs can run a video highlighting products and services they wish to promote that will both entertain and inform visitors about their particular product or service. A great deal of information can be packed into a short, well-made video that educates visitors about a product or service while leaving them wanting to know even more.

    Exciting Lighting

    Exhibitors should not overlook the power of a simple element--lighting--to attract visitors to their booths. Effective, attention-grabbing, creative lighting options include spotlights shining on products, good-looking light fixtures that add elegance and refinement to a booth, and light box panels. Utilized effectively, any of these lighting options may not only attract attention, but help to focus the marketing message and make the product or service stand out in visitors' minds.

    Research has shown that exhibitors have an average of three seconds to attract visitors' attention as they wander through the maze of trade show booths. In order to make an exhibit stand out, exhibitors must take some extra steps to not only have a neat, organized booth, but a few bells and whistles to make visitors not only look, but that draws them to the booth. Effective trade show exhibits do not have to cost a lot. Rather, often the more creative exhibitors become in their marketing strategies, the more attention--and ultimately, sales--they will attract.

  • How to Set Up a Trade Show Booth that Stands Out
    Trade Show BoothsTrade shows are a great way to meet with your potential customers face to face, demonstrate your products and take on opportunities to make big bucks. At a trade show, you will have to put your best face forward and engage with your customers. Here are some tips to help you make your trade show booth stand out and get you the most orders.

    1. Get the attention of your guests BEFORE they arrive

    With so much competition to get the attention of guests at a trade show, it helps to create a buzz before the show. You can get innovative with this, and based on your theme, create little mailers and gifts for clients before the show begins. Send invitations (via email and direct mail) and flyers in advance, make lots of calls. Ensure that your booth number is mentioned boldly and clearly on your pamphlets and brochures. Chances are you will have more people turn up at your booth on D-Day.

    2. Choose your booth position strategically

    Where you place your booth is very important. Avoid the dead zones on the floor space. Spaces near concession stands do well, since they receive lots of additional traffic. Corner spaces draw the most traffic however. So even though you may have to shell out a few more dollars for a corner space, it can be worth it. When setting up a table top display never put it across the entry to your booth. This can make people reluctant to cross it to enter the booth. And keep your booth as open as possible. Limit the number of chairs, though if you must have chairs keep them high, so people can see you above your table top displays. Also, spend as much time and money as possible on choosing a booth backdrop and making it look professional.

    3. Basic tips for an attractive booth

    One of the most important elements for a successful booth is the lighting, so be sure to pay extra attention to it. And remember that trade shows can be exhausting and overwhelming for guests. Having to walk through long aisles flooded with fluorescent lights can be tiring. A couple of great ways to stay ahead of competitors in such a scenario is to send a clear message printed on a hanging banner or banner stand. Use as few words as possible. Don't keep the guests guessing what you are selling. Place your signage in a central location in front of your booth so it catches the eyes of weary customers.

    4. Interact with your guests

    Provide excellent guest service. Always be alert and on your toes. Engage with your guests. Also, many participants at trade show suggest that when you sell your products, it is a good idea not to give away any bags with them. The more people see your products in the hands of your customers, the more they will want to head to your booth.

    At the end of the day, a successful trade show is about staying one step ahead of your competitors in terms of a clear message and great interactivity. Plan ahead of your trade show, follow the above tips and you are likely to have a great day promoting your business and making plenty of contacts and sales!

  • 7 Tips for Making a Good Impression at Trade Shows

    7 Tips for Making a Good Impression at Trade ShowsLove 'em or hate 'em, trade shows are bread-and-butter events for many industries. Attractive trade show displays are a must, of course, but more than your posters, banners, brochures and free bottled water, you are very much on display!

    How do you get attention from show-goers without being obnoxious or overbearing? How can you make a good impression and welcome people into your booth space? Here are tips for attracting attendees without going into used-car-salesman mode.

    * Dress well: Even if the event is somewhat casual, it doesn't hurt to turn the polish up a notch. You will feel more confident, and that confidence will draw people to you. Even if you do dress business-casual, pay attention to all the fine details: polished shoes, pressed trousers, good grooming ... you get the picture.

    * Don't stay seated: If you hide behind your table top display, people will be less likely to engage with you. Stand up, walk around. A moving person attracts more attention. If you need a moment off your feet, try a tall stool instead of retreating to the dark corners of your booth. For that matter, make sure your booth has some openness in its layout. A long table blocking access to your displays can send a "do not enter" message to attendees.

    * Work as a team: If your coworker is a bubbly, talkative type but you enjoy discussing nuts and bolts, use that to your advantage. Have your partner stand out front to make contact with visitors, then he or she can send them your way for the details. Work your strengths!

    * Watch your mouth: Don't eat or chew gum during floor time! No one wants to hear about your new product while watching a ball of Wrigley's roll around in your mouth. However, keep water handy -- frequent talking can dry your mouth and lead to bad breath. If you need a bit of breath freshening, grab a soft buttermint: it will freshen your mouth but melt quickly.

    * Start with a question: "Hello, ma'am. We're offering 25 percent off cruises booked today. May I give you a postcard with more info?" Instead of just handing her the postcard, you've asked a question, and a question can start a conversation.

    * Listen to your contact: You can get so excited about a sales pitch that you talk right over your visitor. Turn your body completely toward your visitor and make eye contact -- don't scan the floor for more prospects. Listen and ask questions, then move onto introducing your products and services.

    * Use freebies carefully: You know the type: the trade show attendees who walk around with plastic bags bulging with every giveaway, freebie, and trinket in the whole show. If you're liberally handing out everything from Koozies to keychains, that won't necessarily give you an edge. Instead, see if you can link a giveaway to a particular person's needs. Let's say that you run a car dealership, and you're talking with a man who has a daughter nearing driving age. She's interested in a model your dealership carries. Send him home with a key chain from the car's manufacturer! That will make a much greater impression than random gifts handed out indiscriminately.

  • Tips for Excellent Trade Show Graphics and Displays

    When you attend any kind of trade show, you will find that there are hundreds of trade show displays, stands, stalls and vendors all vying for the attention of the crowd. The best way to stand out from everyone else and to attract the visitors is to get excellent trade show graphics. These can be in the form of hanging banners that can be seen throughout the entire venue, table throws where you will display your products, feather flags, which are always eye-catching, and banner stands that demarcate your area effectively. There are tons of other options for trade show graphics that you can make use of, and with the limitless graphics potential that you have, you can easily display your products and promote your company in the most effective way. Let's take a look at the various options you have for trade show displays.

    Hanging Banners

    Hanging banners are by far the most visually effective trade show option for displays. They can be hanging lengthwise from the ceiling down over your booth or they can be hung to form a big sign over your display. The reason these are so appealing is because they can be seen very easily from anywhere in the trade show exhibition area. In venues that have an upstairs section, these will mark your booth very effectively, so that people can get a good look at your location.

    Hanging banners can also be set up in a triangle, oval, or circular shape over your display area and are normally positioned with the help of on-site staff.

    The best hanging banners are the ones that offer you the ultimate branding options, and that can be quite large so your entire area is covered. The sizes can range from 10' x 24" to 10' x 48" and many others in between depending on the type and shape you want.

    Banner Stands

    Banner stands are always a trade show must, especially when you want to attract the attention of visitors in a busy trade show. These are great for any graphic design you want including photographs, abstract graphics, product specification lists or benefits, and much more. The banner stands are there to invite guests to look at your products, advertise a specific product's features, and much more. These can be as intricate as you like, because people will be able to come up to the stand and read it. The stands are made to be erected and taken down again using a specially designed frames in less than a minute and you get a variety of types including retractable, spring back, outdoor, stretch fabric, and telescopic banner stands.

    Table Throws

    Table throws are the most graphically appealing part of your trade show display and as the fabric used is a fire retardant poly twill, you will be covered as far as the trade show rules are concerned regarding fire safety. These can be designed with your logo or any graphics that you like so that people can find your table easily.

    Feather Flags

    Feather flags are a great addition to your trade show graphics, as they are visual, easy to set up, eye-catching and can demarcate your area effectively. They are also perfect for outdoor trade shows, beach days, golf events and more.

    Popup Displays

    With popup displays you can really get the most out of advertising your company and products at an event. These can come in numerous styles and types including floor ones, table mounted options, some with back lighting, monitors and much more.

    As you can see, the potential for advertising and branding at an event is limitless when you have exciting trade show graphics and options from a highly reputable company.